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The P2P Alliance

for Responsible Political Texting


The P2P Alliance for Responsible Political Texting (RPT) is a member-driven collective that promotes ethical and responsible text campaigning, ensuring the effectiveness of P2P technology in the political texting industry. more

Mission Statement

Promote Responsible and Compliant P2P Texting:

We champion best practices within the industry, providing education on regulations and ensuring compliance with CTIA, FCC, and TCPA guidelines to both our members and their campaigns. Our mission is to inspire and guide the industry towards responsible and compliant P2P texting.

Address Industry Challenges:

Through collaboration, we tackle pressing issues within the P2P texting landscape, striving for solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including vendors and campaign operators.

Uphold Authenticity in P2P Messaging:

We are dedicated to fostering genuine P2P messaging practices. We actively discourage associations with entities that engage in regulatory violations or deceptive tactics, ensuring the integrity of our industry.

Join the P2P Alliance for Political Texting

We welcome applications from political texting vendors who share our commitment to responsible messaging.


Compliance with P2P Texting Definition:

Utilize human-powered, one-on-one texting methods that align with FCC regulations for political P2P texting.

10DLC Participation:

Support the 10DLC program and maintain a high registration rate for your texting traffic.

Responsible Messaging:

Uphold ethical communication practices. Only carrying factual messages that do not violate the FCC or SHAFT-M.